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NFI Internship Tools

Finding and participating in an internship can be one of the most important things you do before graduation. In this challenging economy, you need strategies and resources beyond the obvious. Your search will probably take longer and involve more contacts than you think. However, several strategies can make internship applicants stand out above the rest.

  • The most successful students gain some experience and do some planning before applying for an internship.
  • The key to job search success is to treat the entire process like a business. You are currently in the "Job Hunting" business.
  • You need an effective strategy – by defining what you want and need, you’re on your way to getting it.
  • Your job search is a marketing campaign, and you are the product. Sending out a bunch of resumes or attending a career fair isn't a strategy. Instead, make a plan and work it!

Start early. Search deliberately and consistently. Treat internship search like a class – set aside days and times, assignments, due dates. Organize and track your steps and results! YOUR CUSTOM SEARCH PLAN OF ACTION!

Steps for a Successful Internship Search

General Internship Tools:

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