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NFI Careers: Know Thyself

Step 1: Know Thyself (Self-Discovery and Assessment)

  • Assess your skills, strengths, interests, and values. BE HONEST! Make a detailed list – recognize what makes you a unique candidate and be ready to communicate this to a prospective employer (refer to your Personal Development Plan). (Hint – use MyPlan assessments)
  • Update your resume using this list. Use your power words and examples of skill application. Use industry-specific language. (HINT – set the job description beside your resume and compare) Be able to connect the dots for the employer from the job requirements to you.

Resume Resources

Networks Resume Writing Guide
Chronological Resume
Skill Based Resume
Networks Resume Seminars

Resume Action Word Links

(find action words to express skills and accomplishments)

All Around Help

  • Monster Advice
  • Andrea Kay - full range of career planning, job search, and resume advice, including FREE PODCAST subscription (Career Whisperer). Great resource!

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